Real People.  Real Stories.

Here you’ll read the stories of people who came to NeurOptimal® looking for a lasting solution to their struggles. Many had tried medication or therapy for years to overcome conditions that seemed insurmountable. Some parents were at a loss for how to help their children. Their stories are inspiring and amazing.

Jennifer's Story



Watch Jennifer’s amazing story about how NeurOptimal® helped her deal with the aftermath of trauma.

Angela: How Bad Was She Today?


Angela talks about how NeurOptimal sessions were pivotal for her daughter's behavioural sessions.

Valerie: I was at a loss


Valerie and other moms talk about how NeurOtpimal sessions helped their children.

Grovert: Training for the Olympics.


Govert Viergever, Olympic rower for the Netherlands, used NeurOptimal® to help with his Olympic training.

Aaron: Finding Balance


Aaron uses NeurOptimal® neurofeedback to help him keep an overall positive mental outlook and to find a deeper understanding of the mind/body connection.

A Mother's Love: Traumatic Brain Injury


Watch this remarkable story about a mother’s love for her son with traumatic brain injury.

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